Industrial Hard Chromium Co., Inc.
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Industrial Hard Chromium Co, Inc., specializes in precision hard chromium plating of rolls, rams, cylinders, shafts, drums and other process equipment, with a wide variety of finishes available. Our modern facilities and qualified, experienced personnel allow for unified responsibility and unexcelled craftsmanship in the entire manufacture of rolls from blueprint stage to finished product.

Whether your requirement is a flawless mirror finish of less than 1 rms. or a carefully controlled matte finish, IHC has the equipment and the experience to satisfy your needs.

EMERGENCY SERVICE means putting in overtime to repair a breakdown, on site inspections and discussions of particular requirements, or getting detailed technical information to you by telephone.

In all cases... we're available.

Our custom roll facility places the responsibility for complete roll requirements under one roof.

Machining... Grinding... Finishing.

"Nearly Any Size or Shape Can Be Coated at IHC. Nothing Too Large or Too Small!"

Crown Cork & Seal
Con Edison of N. Y.
Dresser Rand
Farrel Corp.
General Electric Co.
Owens Corning
Princeton University
Public Service Electric & Gas
Trim Master

We know how important it is to our customers to work with environmentally compliant vendors. In recent years Industrial Hard Chromium Co, Inc. has invested great sums of time and money on equipment that has permitted us to become one of the "leaders in pollution abatement". Since 1992, IHC has operated a "closed-loop waste water system". None of the process waste water goes to the sewer; it is contained and reused. The small amount of any solid or liquid waste is processed and removed to a government approved waste site. Our air pollution systems are "state-of-the-art Composite Mesh-Pad Scrubbers" capable of producing results to be in full compliance with all local, state and federal EPA Regulations.


Industrial Hard Chromium Co., Inc.
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